Thursday, May 31, 2007

Facists R us

So now environmentalists,war protesters, gay rights activists, animal rights advocates, anti-abortonists (well that one came as a pleasant surprise) are all Single Issue Extremists.Hail the infinite wisdom of Alabama's Department of Homeland Security.

The term itself is interesting - single-issue terrorism.The sheer direction and dimension this line of thought takes is unbelievable.For every issue in the world, ranging from Nishadhae in Begada to the war in Iraq there are passionate people on every side. But the Governmental approach and attitude to this issue is alarming. I understand that antiabortionists have in the past been associated with violence but look at the other groups.They all have been more victims of violence and persecution. Antiabortionists fight against the rights of people while the others fight for their rights.I am not sure how close I am ideologically to classifying myself as an anarchist but after reading this and looking at the general attitude of the Government I think I am pretty close to being one.

The term "Single Issue Terrorism" is broadly accepted as extremist militancy on the part of groups or individuals protesting a perceived grievance or wrong usually attributed to governmental action or inaction. Generally, three principal issues are regarded to fall under that definition: animal rights, environmentalism, and abortion.